А7 Smart Building

​Offline management environment of multi-apartment buildings or district 


Makes your house

  • comfortable

  • safe

  • valuable

А7 Smart Building

Жилой дом


and task management

Integration with the task management system:

 - order management

 - execution control

 - discussion


Support of the staffing table


You can use a smartphone or a tablet as a remote controller.

Access to the services of A7 Smart Building via:

 - "A7 Smart Home" touchpads

 - mobile application for residents

  • Prompt informing of residents

  • Intra-house chats and discussions 

Manages IP intercoms (creates and configures keys, connects the intercom with a resident, wherever they are).

Gives the residents access to the CCTV.


Contains the built-in IP telephony.

Based on A7's protected byte machine.

Does not require connection to cloud services.

Available for any sensor panels via Linux or Android.

Integration with external systems:


  • Web servers HTTP/HTTPS JSON

  • Remote procedure call

  • POST/GET queries

  • OPC with tunnel support of TCP/IP 

  • SQL database queries

Branded for the Customer. Customized with the logo and colours of the Customer.

Self-adaptation by the Customer is available.

А7 Smart Building

Многоквартирный жилой комплекс

Support of engineering equipment

  • pump equipment

  • climate regulation

Can be working with:

  • industrial PLC controllers

  • programmed relays

  • frequency converters

Supports industrial protocols such as:




Built-in support for accounting nodes

  • general 

  • house-to-house 

  • Electricity

  • Heat energy

  • Cold and hot water

  • Natural gas

Support of the external ASCME systems