Makes your home

  • comfortable

  • safe

  • valuable


А7 Smart Home

Offline management environment of apartments and houses

А7 Smart Home

Квартира Просмотров

Controls the sensors of:

  • leakage

  • temperature

  • humidity

  • motion

  • opening


  • water overlap

  • sockets

  • switches

  • the lights


You can use a smartphone or a tablet as a remote controller


  • ZigBee

  • WiFi

  • Bluetooth

Integrates with A7 Smart Home.

Supports chats rooms and informative messages.

Works with intercom systems and digital video intercoms.

Based on A7's protected byte machine.

Does not require connection to cloud services.

Available for any sensor panels via Linux or Android.

Branded for the Customer. Customized with the logo and colours of the Customer.

Self-adaptation by the Customer is available.

А7 Smart House

A version with the extended support of engineering equipment

Серый дом
  • pumps

  • small boilers

  • generators

  • climate systems

Can be working with:

  • industrial PLC controllers

  • programmed relays

  • frequency converters

Supports industrial protocols such as: