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А7 Smart Space

The cloud-based platform combining smart objects of any kind

А7 Smart Space

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and task management

Integration with the task management system:

 - order management

 - execution control

 - discussion


Support of the staffing table

  • Offers the cloud-based service for the simpler implementation

  • Available to work on the Customer's servers


management of housing facilities networks 

  • hotels

  • apartments

  • residential complexes


network management for industry, power and agrarian objects:

  • power objects and networks

  • greenhouses and farms

  • production workshops

Intended for:

Allows the management:

  • in real time

  • anywhere in the world

The productivity margin is

10 million parameters per kernel.


The margin of the users number equals 2.5 billion users per kernel.

Provided with the mechanism of centralized controlled updates.


Supports hot updates (without stopping the work).


Available for any sensor panels via Linux or Android.

Smart Space's Communication Service provides the access to the apartments and houses via secured communication channels, contains multi-level security and, unlike the modern messengers, cannot give access to the sensitive information for the third party, even if hacked.

Branded for the Customer. Customized with the logo and colours of the Customer.

Self-adaptation by the Customer is available.

Based on A7's protected byte machine.